Company Overview

HYTECH Consulting is a US-based company that covers an array of onsite and offsite IT services. HYTECH specializes in software consulting, regional and global project management, Onshoring and Offshoring services. Since 1999 we have prided ourselves on being accurate, accountable and authentic. Our long track record and number of resources placed in America's finest client site speaks for itself.

Our clients are from across the spectrum of industry. They include: Semantic, Bank of America, Blue Cross Blue Shield , Fannie Mae, Boston Scientific, Delta Airlines, Bloomberg and the City of Memphis. Our main objectives are to meet the client’s needs by matching the resources for the given requirements while also reducing complexity and cost.

HYTECH ensures that your core sourcing initiatives are aligned with your business objectives by providing you with cost-effective, highly experienced, qualified individuals to meet your outsourcing needs. We understand that if you grow too fast, you compromise control. If you grow too slow, you lose momentum. Invest millions in technology and you can still risk obsolescence.


HYTECH Consulting, Inc. will help you

  • Drive Business Strategy with IT
    Transform your business operations using IT strategies and agendas with access to multiple platforms that can help build your business with consultants who speak the language of business and IT.
  • Enjoy Cost Savings While Increasing Productivity
    HYTECH applies tested methods to help analyze and assess our clients’ current needs. This results in a tangible cost savings for your company while increasing productivity
  • Consulting and Staffing
    HYTECH takes the pain out of finding the expertise you need to support and develop your business. We find the experts, while you focus on strategic business initiatives
  • HR and Personnel Management
    HYTECH manages salaries, benefits, training, worker's compensation, vacation, payroll taxes, and all other personnel-related expenses, and a cost is incurred only if a technical support requirement arises
  • On-Going Training
    HYTECH invests in providing training in key technologies, thereby ensuring that our workforce remain specialized in the latest technologies

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