Offshoring Advantages

  • Highly Trained English Speaking Employees
    We believe the best value for our clients is to have highly trained and talented employees that provide services above and beyond expectations. The selection process includes skills and core competency tests, and personal interviews with US based staff to ensure compatibility with our clients. All employees undergo continuing training to upgrade language and technical skills.
  • Strong and Experienced Management
    HYTECH has highly experienced managers. Each has over 20 years experience. Two senior executives have over 30 years experience with major corporations and in the Services and Outsourcing businesses in Senior Executive roles.
  • State of the Art Facilities
    Adding value to our clients operation requires state of the art facilities. We understand that our highly trained employees need a leading edge infrastructure backbone to maximize their productivity. HYTECH continually upgrades facilities to keep ahead of the infrastructure requirements of our clients.
  • On Site Facilities Management
    Our on-site staff in India is well versed in every aspect of ensuring you have a stable on going operation. From finding people to meet your specific needs, to running a facility running smoothly, we are here to mange it.
  • As Your Partner
    All you have to do is assign the work to be done and evaluate it when it comes back. Many companies see the twelve and a half hour time difference as an opportunity to complement work done in the US and thereby create a 16 hour work day. Your return on investment will be maximized

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