Offshoring Services

India has become a center for innovative outsourcing operations. Many global and Fortune 1000 corporations have set up operations there. Opening such offices requires time, money and expertise with local conditions. HYTECH is focused on providing and managing resources for Offshoring operations at a lower cost and a minimum hassle.

HYTECH provides full service back office support to your operations. You select the type and number of people you want, and we do the rest. They work with you like they are your staff, communicating with you daily. You manage them directly on projects while having none of the hassles of running a remote operation.

We deal with labor laws, customs laws, local culture, and management so you can focus on your business objectives.


Enjoy an average cost savings of 50% using HYTECH Outsourcing Services.


Offshoring made esay

  • Software Development and Testing
    India produces world-class software and computer engineers. HYTECH employs highly trained and qualified candidates that are the best and the brightest. Depending on your requirements, they can be deployed quickly to produce high quality work in a short time. Whether you require generic programming services, or highly sophisticated software development, HYTECH is the way to go.
  • Data Processing
    Trained HYTECH staff can handle routine data processing tasks. Your advantage is you can ramp quickly should the situation demand it. This flexibility allows you to increase your productivity, in a timely manner, without adding to your payroll.
  • Accounting
    Our Chartered Accountants are professionals who can handle complex accounting requirements for any industry. Added to this, routine accounting work can be handled by other trained accountants. These include routine tasks such as payroll processing, ledger maintenance and other accounting tasks.
  • Administrative Services
    HYTECH provides a variety of administrative services. In addition to management of HYTECH employees on your projects, administrative functions such as human resources, general services, invoice accuracy checking, accounts payable and other tasks that supplement your current operation are also available.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts
    HYTECH’s team will optimize your company’s web pages for maximum exposure to all major search engines.
  • Web Design
    Our team of web design experts can deliver high quality work with minimum hassles

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